If you have the website chat bubble added to your website, customers can chat with you directly while they're browsing your website. This feature is still in beta. 

How it works

When a customer enters your website, they will see a chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the screen whether that be on mobile device or desktop view.

When the customer first clicks on the chat bubble, they will be asked for their name in order to initiate the chat.

An automatic message will be sent to the customer, asking for their email or phone number.

Once the customer has entered their name and email/number, you will get a notification on your mobile device, prompting you to respond to the new message. Messages from your customers on your website will be sent directly to the Housecall Pro app of the POC in your company.

*Note*: When setting up your chat bubble, you will choose a point of contact and phone number that these messages will be sent to (you can see how to change your point of contact here).

You will click on the notification, and be able to respond directly to the customer in the messages section of your Housecall Pro app.

On the customer's end, they will be able to see your responses on. your website.

If you'd like to view your messages at any point, login to the Housecall Pro app, choose the 'Messages' section from the menu along the bottom. Then click the three lines in the upper left hand corner and choose the 'Community' messages section.

Within that section, you'll see two options. The 'Leads' section is where all of the new messages from your website will appear.

Set up your website chat bubble


In order to set up a chat bubble on your company website, you need to be on our current Essentials, Essentials +, or Max Plan OR if you have a Website Builder website, you need to be on the Fixed plan.

To initiate chat bubble set up, you will log into your Housecall Pro dashboard, and click on the blue chat bubble found at the bottom right of the screen. The conversation should look similar to the example below.

Click 'Something else'

Click 'Continue in chat'

Request a chat bubble

From here, you will receive an email or chat with your generated code. You will copy this code, and place it in the 'about us' section of your company website.

*Note*: Make sure you are on the most updated version of Housecall Pro.


I have a Website Builder website. How do I add the chat bubble to it?

Go to the edit mode of your website (to get there, just add /edit to the end of your website. Ex: housecallpro.com/edit). In the lower right hand corner you'll see the greyed out chat bubble. Click the pencil icon and then flip the switch to add the chat bubble to your website! Remember to hit 'Publish' on your site when you want the bubble to go live. 

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