Before you begin, make sure your QuickBooks Desktop data is clean and ready for import to QuickBooks Online.

If you have QuickBooks Desktop, you can quickly and easily bring your customer list, product/service list, and previous invoices into HouseCall Pro. All you need is a free trial version of QuickBooks Online and about 15 minutes.

Step 1

You’ll need to create a free trial version of QuickBooks online within HouseCall Pro. Navigate to your dashboard and click on the picture in the upper right corner. Then go down to Account Settings. 

Step 2

Click the “Connect” Button and then “Sign up for QuickBooks

Step 3

Go to your QuickBooks Desktop and select "Company" from the menu. Next, select "Export company file to QuickBooks Online.

Step 4

You’ll be prompted to log into the QuickBooks Online account you created through HouseCall Pro. You'll be emailed as soon as your information has been transferred over.

Step 5

Log back into HouseCall Pro and click “Connect to QuickBooks.” After you have connected your QuickBooks online account, go back to HouseCall Pro and click “Import.

That's it! If you have more than a thousand invoices, it may take up to a couple hours to complete the transfer. You will receive and email as soon as the transfer is complete.

HouseCall Pro Tip:  Consider your invoice numbers in the two systems before you connect!

Learn more about how Housecall Pro easily integrates with your Quickbooks Online account.

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