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What do Admin/Owner Permissions Mean?
What do Admin/Owner Permissions Mean?

Understand each of the permissions for admin/owner

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Setting up the employee permissions correctly will make sure you and your employees can keep the business moving along as smoothly as possible.

Admin/Owner will have access to your full account meaning that this user can add/delete employees, see all reporting, and edit your company information. We recommend limiting this permission to only the owner(s) or main admin. 

Dispatch/Messaging POC (Point of Contact): The POC receives all customer replies to automated text notifications, within the chat section of the mobile app. They are also automatically assigned to all jobs booked online. Only one employee can be the POC.

Be booked online: This is only for Pros who are using our online booking through their website and Facebook. This will tell the system which employee calendars to look at for availability. Only employees with this permission enabled will be considered bookable through the online booking option.

Build Pro Network & Share job: Anyone with this permission enabled will be able to refer jobs to other service professionals. The job information will be sent to the referred Pro via text.

Allow user to chat with customers: Allows your employee to receive and reply to any messages from customers who use the Housecall consumer app.

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