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Add Checklists to Jobs and Estimates
Add Checklists to Jobs and Estimates

How to add Checklists to your Jobs and Estimates for employees to complete in the field.

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Add Checklists to Jobs

Step 1: Click into the Checklists + card when creating or viewing a job.

Step 2: Select the Checklist(s) you wish to add to the Job. Then click Add Selected.

You will be returned to the Job details page where you will see the Checklist has been added below the Checklist + space. If it is a required Checklist, the attention symbol will appear to the left of the Checklist until completed.

Note that you can configure checklists to be automatically added to new jobs. Learn more here.

Add Checklists to Estimates

Step 1: Click into the Estimate details page. On the left hand side below the map click Checklists +.

The remainder of the process is identical to the Add Checklists to Jobs instructions.

For more information on Checklists please see our Checklists Collection.

To see how Checklists are used from the mobile app please see How do Field Techs use Checklists in Mobile App?

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