Virtual Estimates save you time and money. Gone are the days of driving 45 minutes each way to perform an estimate for a potential customer, only to have them nickel and dime you, or decide to not move forward.

Your customers will appreciate the convenience and the fact that they don't have to have a stranger come into their property.

Virtual Estimate via Streem

The customer will see the window on the left (pictured above) and you will see the view on the right in Streem.

  1. Customer view: allow camera, mic and ability to end call

  2. Your view: customer name, whether you are muted and signal strength

  3. Your view: current duration of call, pin to request customer’s GPS location, option to mute, option to end call

  4. Your view: pointer/marker options for image, camera icon to take picture

Pull a Virtual Estimates Report

1. From the dashboard, navigate to your estimates report and click on the eyeball icon.

2. Once you're on this report, select the filter icon in the Job Tags column.

3. Search for your Virtual Estimate tag and select it.

4. This will only show you estimates that were tagged with the Virtual Estimate tag.

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