Starting October 31, 2022, Housecall Pro will no longer support consumer financing through Affirm. Find out more about consumer financing options we’re offering through our trusted partner Wisetack.

Affirm makes it easy for your customers to pay over time for their purchases.

Getting paid is even easier. Housecall Pro will deposit the money (minus the fees) directly into the account you have on file with Housecall Pro for payments.

How you get paid:

1. A customer can choose to pay using Affirm from their online invoice page.

2. Once a customer is approved and accepts a loan for the job, you will be notified within the job details page.

3. Housecall Pro will mark the job as 'Paid' and start the transfer of funds to the bank account you have on file with us.

4. Your payout will be reflected on the 'My Money' page of your web portal, similar to how you see your credit card payouts.


These payouts will occur at your default payout speed that is selected. If you are using Instapay, you will have an additional 1% added to the Affirm merchant fee.

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