Tip #1: Employee Photos

People want to buy from people and they want to know who is coming to their door. It's one of the best ways to start building that trust and relationship between your customer and technician before they even get there.

We are in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic right now so in a COVID-19 world show your customers that you put the health and safety of both them and your team first and update those employee pictures to show your team in masks. When it comes to the holidays, update those photos again to showcase the personality and spirit of your team in festive hats or shirts.

Tip #2: Personalize the Message

Keep the messaging of your text messages fresh and relevant. Utilize emojis and make sure your messages take into account upcoming holidays, season, world events, and even more importantly local community events. Cheer on the high school team as they make their way to regionals, celebrate local events and remind your customers that you are more than just their go to brand but a pillar of their community.

Tip #3: Use Vehicle GPS Tracking

Impress your customers by allowing them to track when your technician will arrive. Using Vehicle GPS Tracking, the photo, location, and vehicle information of the Pro who clicks On My Way in the app will be sent to the customer in a job details link. If multiple pros are assigned to a job, all Pros' names will be displayed on the link as well. Learn more about Vehicle GPS Tracking here.

What if I don’t want Customers to Text me Back through Housecall Pro?

If you prefer to not have customers respond to the texts Housecall Pro sends on your behalf, simply customize your messages so that you let your customers know that this number cannot receive replies and list your office line for them to call instead.

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