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How Can My Technicians Use Tasks?
How Can My Technicians Use Tasks?

Learn how your employees can create tasks in the field from their mobile app to streamline communication between teams.

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All too often we think about tasks as a top down approach. The owner or manager tasks subordinates and they then execute. This can work out well in many situations but to fully benefit and utilize the power of task management within Housecall Pro is through empowering your team to also task others. In this video we go over a couple of common scenarios to learn ho your technicians can use tasks in the field:

Scenario 1:

Someone in the office is responsible for ordering parts but the technician in the field is the one who knows what needs to be ordered. Streamline communication and speed things up by having your technicians create tasks from their mobile app and task the staff member in the office who will need to order the part with the details they need and a due date.

Scenario 2:

If your technician sells a recurring service plan or maintenance plan out in the field but the customer isn’t ready to accept and pay for the plan just yet, someone in the office will likely need to send the formal agreement via email so that the pro can read through accept and then put their card on file and pay for the plan. Your technician just needs to task this office staff with sending the agreement out to the customer and today’s date as the due date.

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