Tasks on Android

Learn how to see, edit, delete, create, and manage tasks from the mobile app on Android

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How to See & Manage Tasks

Step 1: Click the three lines in the top left corner to access your main menu

Step 2: Click on Tasks

Step 3: To see individual tasks click into the due date category (No due date, Past due, Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, Completed). Depending on your user permissions you may be able to click between seeing all company tasks and just my tasks.

How to Mark a Task Complete

Simply click on the circle to the left of the task name to check the task off as done or complete

How to Create a Task

Step 1: Press the green circle button with a + sign in the bottom right corner of the screen

Step 2: Fill in task details including title, description, due date, employee assigned to the task and then press the ✓checkmark icon in the top right to save.

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