Easily set up job costing within your Housecall Pro account by navigating to your price list. You will need to set up job costing on a per line item basis since each line item will have its own unique price and cost. Whether you are new to Housecall Pro or have been using our software for a while you can set up job costing for both new and existing price list items.

Scenario 1: I already have items in my price list or am manually creating my price list one item at a time

Step 1: Within your price list you will either need to edit an existing price list item or create a new price list item.

Step 2: Add in your cost in the field for Cost. The cost will default to $0 resulting in 100% profit.

Scenario 2: I am uploading a new price list via Excel or CSV file

If you are uploading price list items through an excel or csv file, you must enter the cost info into a column titled cost. Using our template? We made it easy by including a column for Cost already. You just need to enter the cost before uploading or sending to our team for upload.

Need the template?

Click +ADD then Upload from .CSV

Then click on Download the price list template here

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