Jobs can be associated as a visit for a Service Plan as they are created or at any point after on from the job details page.

Associating visits on the job details page can be helpful when adding Service Plan visits to an already scheduled job or when a job isn't created for from the Unscheduled Visits queue. Keeping visits correctly tied to the jobs they are performed on keeps the Unscheduled Visits queue up to date and accurate when managing plans.


From the job details page, find the empty Service Plan card to select the plan to associate to.

Note: Jobs can only be associated a visit to one plan. If the Service Plan card already lists a plan for that job, it cannot be add as a visits for another.

After selecting the card, a list will show with all the Service Plans for that address, including draft and expired plans.

After selecting the correct plan, you can select the specific visit the job is being performed for and save.

Once saved, the plan the job is associated to will show in the Service Plans card.

For more information on Service Plans please see our Service Plans Collection or Service Plans FAQs.

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