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How to setup the OnCall Air Integration
How to setup the OnCall Air Integration

Step-by-step instructions for how to enable the integration

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Video Tutorial:

Step-by-step instructions:

When you are ready to integrate OnCall Air with Housecall Pro click on MY APPS (at the top of your dashboard page) and then GO TO APP STORE at the bottom.

Scroll down until you see the the Oncall Air card. Click LEARN MORE.

Enable the app by toggling it on to active.

We will ask you for the API connection key from OnCall Air. You must type that into the box and then press SUBMIT. OnCall Air will be automatically notified of the connection and finalize the integration on their side.

You will need to get the OnCall Air API connection key directly from OnCall Air. You can use their chat tool to work with a customer service representative who can give you the key. It is 32 alpha-numeric characters long.

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