Housecall Pro has teamed up with Gift Up! so that you can easily sell gift cards to your customers online and have them be delivered by email instantly.

Create beautiful, branded gift cards and start selling them immediately on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you reach your customers. You can even add a link in your emails! Setup takes five minutes.

  • Fully automated

  • You get paid immediately

  • No monthly fees, no setup fees, just a 3.49% transaction fee

  • Any website, any currency

  • Sell fixed value gift cards (e.g. $100) or custom values (where your customers choose)

  • Sell specific product and services, or generally redeemable gift cards

How it works:

In the your Housecall Pro portal, click into the app store, and scroll down to the marketing section. Click ‘Learn More’ on the Gift Up app card.

Click 'Get Started'.

You will be redirected to Gift Up. Enter your email to activate the promo code.

If you want to learn more about how to account for gift card sales in Quickbooks or tips & tricks, check out our blog article on the topic HERE.

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