Set up your online booking
Learn how to set up your online booking including enabling the app, setting online booking windows, soonest availability, and price list.
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Step-by-step instructions:

Part 1: Enable online Booking

Step 1: Click on MY APPS then GO TO APP STORE

Step 2: Scroll down and find the app card for MY WEBSITE, Click LEARN MORE

Step 3: Toggle the app on from DISABLED to ACTIVE

Part 2: Set up price book items for online booking

Step 1: Click on the arrow in the top left corner

Step 2: Click into ACCOUNT SETTINGS in the top right corner

Step 3: Click on PRICE BOOK

Note: You can also access this from your Price Book tab at the top of your HCP.

Step 4: Click into any service to toggle online booking. The online booking mark will appear below Task Code.

Step 6: Click on ADD IMAGE and then select the file from your computer.

Step 7: Crop the photo if needed and press SAVE

Part 3: Set up online booking windows and soonest availability


Step 2: Check that your business open/close hours are correct since these will display on your online booking page

Step 3: Set your online booking windows. Think of these as arrival windows (usually 1 or 2 hours long) that let the customer book an arrival window for your team to arrive.

Step 4: Click on +BOOKING WINDOW to add additional windows

Step 5: Select your soonest availability. This is how soon your customer will be able to see your availability and book a job. Another way of thinking about this is how much notice do you want between the time a customer books a job and the date of the job.

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