You can now integrate Force by Mojio into Housecall Pro and take advantage of their vehicle location sharing feature. When your technician pushes "On My Way," Force by Mojio will automatically generates a second SMS text message with a link that allows your customers to track your service vehicles en route in real-time, similar to Uber.

*Note: this feature is in beta and currently only available for Super Pros. Visit The Labs in the app store for more.

Here is what your customers will see when they open the link:

NOTE: As a best practice, you can update your "On My Way" messages to let your customers know they will be getting a second text message from a separate number with a real-time location tracking link. For further instructions, see this article.

Getting started with Force integration into Housecall Pro

To get started, login to your Force by Mojio account. Tap your name/image in the upper right > click on Account Preferences > under Share Vehicle Location - Housecall Pro, set the toggle to ON.

Getting set up

To get set up, you just have to follow the on-screen instructions. Here is an overview of the steps:

  • Once you tap one of the getting started prompts, you will then be asked to log in to Housecall Pro to authorize access.

  • After that, your employees will be imported into Force in the next two steps:

    • First, where there are exact or close matches, they will be matched to your existing Force drivers. Confirm the matches and tap NEXT.

    • Second, you will be asked if you want to add any additional employees (that did not match up in Force already). Select those you wish to add as drivers in Force and tap NEXT.

  • You will then be prompted to assign a vehicle to your drivers. This is required for the vehicle location sharing feature to work. Once that is done, tap NEXT.

  • Next, you enable the vehicle location sharing feature. This is done using the toggle to the right of "Automatically text customers a link so they can track your service vehicles en route."

  • You also need to select at least one trigger (or both) from the two options: Send text when “On My Way” is clicked in Housecall Pro" and Send text based on scheduled “Job Start Time” which will generate a text message two hours before the scheduled job start. (NOTE: the customer will only get one text message, not two). Once that is done, tap SAVE.

Congratulations, you will now have integrated Force into Housecall Pro and enabled real-time vehicle location sharing!

For your records, you will also be able to see a history of the generated links via the Reports tab in your Force dashboard.

Managing vehicle location sharing after set up

To disable (or re-enable) the share vehicle location function:

  • Go to the Preferences tab (tap your name/image upper right)

  • Under Share Vehicle Location - Housecall Pro, set the toggle to OFF

  • On the screen that pops up, tap STOP SHARING (or START SHARING if you are re-enabling the feature)

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