We’ve carefully vetted 3rd party providers who are looking for Pros fulfill real customer work orders. These partners give YOU access to a network of thousands of jobs. Jobs, not leads.

Let us help fill your pipeline and never wonder where another job is coming from again!

Step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Click on My Apps then Go To App Store

go to app store

Step 2: Click on "Learn More" under Job Inbox

learn more

Step 3: Double check at least one partner is enabled. You may disable any individual partners you do not wish to receive jobs from.
*Note: the first available partner for our launch is HomeServe

choose partners

Step 4: Ensure push notifications are turned ON. You'll have 9 minutes to accept or reject a job. Be sure you don't miss out!

Step 5: When a job becomes available in your service area, you'll receive a Push Notification. Open it up, check out the job, and accept it before it's passed to the next Pro! Or, choose "Pass" if you can't accept the work.

*Accepting a job from Job Inbox is only available on Mobile to start.

confirm job

*Note that the dollar amount is an estimate only. The scope of work may vary depending on your assessment!

Step 6: After accepting the job, there are a few next steps that are required by HomeServe to ensure you get paid for your work:

  • When you arrive, diagnose the issue and create line items for the proposed work

  • Call HomeServe at 888-666-8830, choose option 1 for Cost Authorization

  • Once the work is approved, complete the job or schedule a follow up appointment

    • 💡 Don’t forget to push “Start” and “Finish”

  • Tap “invoice” to send it to HomeServe

    • 👉 Do not collect payment from the customer.

  • HomeServe will pay the invoice online with a credit card.

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