Note: The following features are in beta testing and are subject to change based on feedback we receive.

A better understanding of the actual time and labor that goes into scheduled work can only start with accurate time tracking of the employees assigned to given jobs. New time tracking features within Housecall Pro allow you to better track the time your employees are spending on travel or working on the job site! This ultimately leads to insight into your field employees' efficiency and a more accurate sense of how labor impacts your job profitability.

What’s New?

Time Tracking for Any Employee Assigned to a Job

All employees assigned to a job can individually indicate when they are on their way, and when they start and stop their work on a job from the mobile app. This means if multiple employees are assigned to a job, each one can now track their travel and time on the job!

Note: Customer notifications only go out the first time an employee reports they are on their way. So, your customers will not receive multiple notifications if more than one employee is tracking their time on any given job.

Pausing Time before Finishing the Job

Employees can pause their time without marking a job as finished. They can select a reason for why they are pausing their time, as well as leave a more detailed description in the note field. Once an employee returns to the job, they can tap start my time to continue time tracking.

Finishing Jobs

With the new updates, you'll notice that the Finish button has moved to the top of the job screen on the mobile app. This is to ensure that if job time needs to be paused before marking the job as finished, employees on the job can do so. This also ensures if multiple employees are working on a job at different times, they can all track their start and stop times independent of finishing a job.

If an employee indicates their work is completed when pausing their time on a job, they'll be prompted to mark the job as finished.

Employees can also tap the Finish button in the top header of the job screen which will mark the job as finished and automatically stop tracking time on the job.

Viewing Timestamps on Mobile

For anyone assigned to a job, tapping their time tracking status card will show them a detailed history of their timestamps as well as their total travel and time on the job.

Total time can also be edited from here if necessary.

Anyone who can see a job on the mobile app can also view the status and total time metrics for assigned employees right below the schedule

Location-Based Prompts

As long as you have enabled location sharing within the HCP app, we'll send reminders to start and stop your time when you arrive or leave a job site!

To enable location sharing go to Settings on your phone, tap the Housecall Pro app, and select Always under Location

Clocking In and Out of Workday

Pros can clock in and out of their workday, providing the total hours clocked in for the day, in addition to tracking specific time on jobs.

The clock in and out of workday functionality has not changed but you'll notice some design updates, as well as the ability to clock in and out of the workday from both the dashboard or schedule within the app.


Timesheet reporting will continue to work the same as it does today. Any time tracked within a job will not affect timesheet reports.

Time Tracking Metrics on Job Page

Within our Job details page on the web portal, you’ll be able to see the status (assigned, on their way, time started, time paused) of each employee assigned to the job.

You’ll also be able to see the Total travel time and Total time on the job of each assigned employee, giving you a more accurate account of total labor time.

Clicking into each employee row will give you a more detailed history, and if necessary, you can edit the total travel and job time.

Time Tracking Metrics on Job Drill Down Reports

From any job report, you can view all jobs and select columns to see the total labor time (sum of total travel and time on job of all assigned employees), total travel time by employee, and total time on job by employee. This allows you to report on labor time across employees and jobs.

Additional time tracking metrics are also available in the new Tech leaderboard report. Learn more here!

How do I enable the new functionality?

  1. Ensure the Time Tracking app in the app store is turned on

2. Once the Time Tracking app is turned on, from any job page on the web you’ll see the time tracking beta toggle. Simply toggle on the new features which will enable them for all users in your company! Your employees will now have the option to track their time individually on jobs, and the job details page will be updated to show status and total time data.


  • Time tracking status and history will not be retroactively added for past or in-progress jobs, but will be collected for new jobs moving forward.

  • Employees will need to be on the most recent version of the mobile app to use these new features.

  • You can dismiss the beta toggle which moves it out of the way to the bottom of the job page. Once you toggle on the new features, the toggle will also move to the bottom of the job page where you can access it again later if needed.

What happens next?

Housecall Pro is dedicated to improving our product to meet your needs. Please provide any feedback you have about time tracking from the Give Us Feedback dropdown from the web or mobile app. Someone from the Housecall Pro product team may also reach out to you for input.

Throughout the next few weeks, you’ll likely see continued updates as we work to make the feature better!

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