Customers often pay with credit cards for their Service Plan, but how the credit card information was entered determines who can update that information in the future.

If the Customer was Sent the Service Plan to Pay Online

When a customer is sent a Service Plan to Pay and Accept, they create a login, select a billing frequency, and add their credit card information. If they should need to add/remove/update that information they can do so through the portal. The customer may log into this portal and update their information at anytime.

In the event that your customer's payment fails for a Service Plan, they will receive an automatic email letting them know their payment failed, the reason for failure (such as expired card), and include a link that customers can click to access their client portal and update their card information.


  • Updating the card on file does not change the billing date

  • If there is an outstanding balance due, all outstanding amounts will be charged to the new card on file at the time of update

If the Credit Card was Entered by the Pro

If a credit card payment for a Service Plan has been taken through a card reader or by manual entry by the Pro, it can only be updated from their side. Note: The credit card can only be updated once a payment has failed, not before.

If a credit card payment for a Service Plan has failed you will get an email notification:

To update the credit card Go to the customer's profile > Click the downward facing arrow to the right of the address the Service Plan is assigned to > Select the Service Plan the payment has failed on > Scroll down to the Billing Cycle.

Hover over the row of the failed payment and click the credit card icon:

Once the credit card has been updated, future Service Plans payments will use the new card information.

For more information on Service Plans please see our Service Plans Collection or Service Plans FAQs.

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