The tech leaderboard report provides insight into how your employees are performing on jobs. You can use this report to see their average ratings, number of reviews, job counts and job size. The report can be filtered to narrow in on specific job types or periods of time.

Sample Tech leaderboard Report

Accessing the report

The tech leaderboard report can be accessed from the Reporting tab by clicking on the card labeled tech leaderboard.

The report can also be accessed from the business dashboard by clicking anywhere on the Sales leaderboard card.

Filtering the report

The report default will show all completed jobs, all employees for the last 45 days.

The report can be filtered by clicking on the action date button, date range button or filter button in the top left corner of the chart. After clicking on these buttons, you can apply any date range or filter type.

  • Action date: filters for jobs created, scheduled or completed during the date range.

  • Date range: filters for jobs during the selected dates.

  • Filter: filters for job tags, customer tags, employee, job value, etc.

Understanding the report metrics

Employees get credit for any jobs that they were dispatched on. When multiple employees are dispatched to a job, each employee will get credit for the total revenue of that job.

  • Rating: the average customer rating for any jobs that the employee was dispatched on. This only includes reviews for completed jobs sent to HCP.

  • Job count: the total number of jobs that the employee was dispatched on.

  • Average job size: The average $ value of the jobs that the employee was dispatched on, or the $ sum of all jobs divided by the number of jobs.

  • Revenue: sum of $ value of jobs that the employee was dispatched on.

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