We've partnered with Saturday, a property management company, to source REAL jobs (not leads) and offer them to Pros based on their service area and price book.

About Saturday:

Saturday property managers oversee projects for home maintenance and repairs. Now, they have access to our network of Pros to make sure they have an awesome tech to do the job. Don't let the name, Saturday, fool you, jobs are only scheduled between Monday and Friday. 😏

How to Accept or Decline a Job:

  1. Admins will receive texts on their mobile phone alerting them about a new job in their area. Depending on the urgency of the job, you will have a limited amount of time to accept or decline the job. To learn more about the job details, click the link on the text or you can head straight to your dashboard on your Housecall Pro app.

  2. Upon viewing the job, you will have the option to either decline the job and pass it to another Pro or learn more. By clicking "learn more," you are not accepting the job just yet, but gathering more information about the job details and the property manager's contact info.

Pre-Job Requirements:

  • You can arrive onsite at the requested arrival time.

    • This is because the property manager will be on site during the job.

  • Work must be completed within the job timeframe of 4 hours, unless otherwise discussed with the property manager.

  • You consent that you are licensed and verified to do the work.

  • The final total will reflect actual work done, but there is a minimum trip fee of $200 in place if no work is completed.

    • This means that if you accept a Job Inbox job through Saturday, you will be guaranteed a $200 truck roll fee, which includes 30 min of labor. You can still have the opportunity to do more work, and make more $$$.

How to Complete a Saturday job through Job Inbox:

  1. Once you accept a job, there is no need for you to contact the property manager to confirm the time. The property manager will reach out to you via phone call to discuss the scope of work and can also provide photos of the job at hand.

  2. Press On My Way when you leave for the job to alert the Property Manager of your estimated arrival.

  3. Meet the Saturday Property Manager outside the residence before entering the home. There will be a sign posted outside for easy visibility.

  4. Diagnose the problem and create line items for work. Review the line items with the Saturday property manager on site for verbal approval.

  5. Do the work and tap Finish. Then tap the Invoice button. You will receive payment within a week, guaranteed!

To make things easier, we've included a checklist directly on the job details with the steps above!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t have availability at the preferred time slot?

A: Since the property manager will be on site, you must be there at the requested time.

Q: Is HCP requiring the Pro that comes out to have liability insurance?

A: No

Q: Once the work is completed how is payment made, meaning does HCP pay the Pro or does the hiring party?

A: Once work is completed, you will press the invoice button, and Saturday will pay via credit card. Our pros usually get paid within 2-3 days, but Saturday guarantees 7 days. You will get a notification in HCP once you are paid.

Q: Can the Property Manager request a certain Pro or will HCP just assign the next Pro in line?

A: Each new job via Job Inbox will use a matching algorithm based on service area and price book. However, if a Pro has already completed a job, the hiring party can request the same Pro to do an additional job.

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