Please note that the following features are in beta testing and are not yet available to all pros. Features in beta testing are subject to change based on feedback we receive.


Desktop notifications are available to show when a customer is calling. Clicking on the notification will open up the customer intake flow.

For both Call Tracking and VoIP, they require that you enable your browser notifications so that you can receive the inbound call notifications. These notifications are configured in a few spots:

How to Enable Desktop Notifications

Through HCP

  1. Open up Inbox

  2. At the top of Inbox, there should be a banner to turn on notifications

  3. Once you click turn on, you should be good to go!

Through the Browser Site Settings

  1. If that doesn't work, click on the lock icon next to the URL:

  2. In the popup, you should see Notifications which can be toggled on.

  3. Also, make sure that Pop ups and redirects are toggled on too.

OS Settings

  1. On Mac OS, there is an additional setting that can block browser notifications. To start, open up System Preferences and select Notifications & Focus:

  2. Ensure you have notifications turned on for the browser that you are using:

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