We've partnered with HOMEE, a property management company, to source REAL jobs (not leads) and offer them to Pros based on their service area and price book.

About HOMEE:

HOMEE oversees insurance jobs. A homeowner will file an insurance claim for damages, then HOMEE must find a Service Provider to do the work. Now, they have access to our network of Pros to make sure they have an awesome tech to do the job.

How to Accept or Decline a Job:

  1. Admins and Point of Contacts will receive texts on their mobile phone, and messages within their Housecall Pro Web Inbox alerting them about a new job in their area. Depending on the urgency of the job, you will have a limited amount of time to accept or decline the job. To learn more about the job details, access your Inbox within Housecall Pro and navigate to the "Job inbox" tab. You can also access the job details before accepting the job by clicking the link on the mobile text.

  2. Upon viewing the job, you will have the option to either decline the job and pass it to another Pro or learn more. By clicking "learn more," you are not accepting the job just yet, but gathering more information about the job details and HOMEE's contact info.

Pre-Job Requirements:

  • You can arrive onsite at the requested arrival time.

    • You can also adjust the time when you contact the homeowner.

  • You consent that you are licensed and verified to do the work.

  • The final total will reflect actual work done, but there is a minimum trip fee of $75 in place if no work is completed.

    • This means that if you accept a Job Inbox job through HOMEE, you will be guaranteed a $75 truck roll fee, which includes diagnosing the issue You will still have the opportunity to do more work, and make more $$$.

How to Complete a HOMEE job through Job Inbox:

✅ Call the homeowner and confirm appointment time

✅ Go onsite and assess the scope of damage

Create line items for the work

✅ Take pictures of the damages in your HCP app

HOMEE would like to capture the extent of the damages

✅ Call HOMEE to get sign-off on line items

✅ If HOMEE approves you onsite, do the work and tap “Finish”

You will invoice HOMEE for the approved work once finished

✅ If HOMEE needs additional time to approve the work, tap “Finish”

You will invoice HOMEE for the truck roll fee

✅ Tap “Invoice”, attach the photos, and hit “Send”

To make things easier, we've included a checklist directly on the job details with the steps above!

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