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Home Warranty Opportunities through Job Inbox
Home Warranty Opportunities through Job Inbox

If you're turned off by Home Warranty, you might want to give this a quick read.

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✅ Guaranteed Truck Roll Fee

✅ Paid within 14 business days

✅ Jobs Streamlined through Housecall Pro

Sounds pretty good, right?

Job Inbox is a new feature where we are sourcing REAL work and funneling these job opportunities directly into your Housecall Pro Inbox. One of our partners is HomeServe, a leading Home Warranty company serving millions of customers across the US and Canada. 💪 💯

Let's be real... 😬 you might have a bad taste in your mouth from Home Warranty. Don't worry, we get it! 😅 That's why we vet EVERY partner for Job Inbox. We've spent months tracking every job from acceptance to payment to ensure that these jobs are worth it for our Pros, and now, we think you should try it out.

🚨 Common Home Warranty Concerns 🚨

Q: What if my minimum is higher than this HomeServe job?

A: The guaranteed truck roll fee of $75 is to ensure that you get paid for going out to site, but if you are approved for the work, you have the opportunity to turn this into a bigger job.

Q: I've worked with home warranty in the past and their payment and communication is off, how is HomeServe different?

A: Accepting a HomeServe job through Job Inbox will ensure that the entire process is streamlined through your Housecall Pro account. We're taking out the middleman to make sure everything goes smoothly. Plus, HomeServe guarantees payment within 14 days.

Q: I don’t like doing work where I have to get approval. Why should I go all the way out there just for them to say no to my diagnosis?

A: When you are on site, you'll call HomeServe to get approval for the work. Remember that you are still in control of diagnosing the work. The call for approval is for the HomeServe representative to confirm that this work is covered by the Home Owner's home warranty plan.

Q: If I'm going to go out there just to get an approval from home warranty, then why wouldn't I just do that on my own instead of going through Job Inbox?

A: This is a new job that you didn't have to go out and find. At the end of the day it’s one more job that you didn’t have before, and that you didn't have to do any additional work to get. Plus, once you complete a HomeServe job through Job Inbox, you've now added to your network of customers!

Q: What if I don't get approval on the work?

A: Pros have the ability to work directly with homeowners if the work is not covered by their home warranty policy.

Still not convinced? Check out these Job Inbox ✨testimonials✨ from Pros who have accepted Home Warranty jobs through Job Inbox

"[It's] smooth and easy to follow. HS was no hassle approval process. I also like the check list." - Nak for Plumbing

"Everything went great, and the homeowner was really happy. Can't wait for more jobs in the future." - Capable Hands Handyman

"I know that HomeServe pays so I have no problem doing their work. We'd like to get more tickets like this!" - Fixxer Company

"It went wonderful, thank you! We certainly appreciate these opportunities" - A1 Integrity Plumbing

"Payment was easy. About 10 days to get paid. I'd give that a 10" - Illuminating Electric INC.

"I gave HomeServe my labor rate, and they had no problem paying it. It came out to $175, approved, no problem. It being fully built into the software is nice because using home warranty portals can be a pain, but this is pretty nice" - Sundown Appliance repair LLC

If you've made it to the end of this article, thanks for giving it a read. Remember, you can try out home warranty jobs through Job Inbox and if you don't like it, you don't have to accept the next job! Better yet, we'd love to hear your feedback about it!

Email if you've got questions or feedback! We want to get you more work, and we want to make it worth your time.

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