From the desktop portal you are able to see the Business hours or Full day hours on the calendar screen.

You have the ability to go back and forth between the business hour view and full day view. This allows you to see jobs that are scheduled when your business is open or jobs scheduled before/after hours.

Business hours/Full day view:

On the admin dashboard, click on the Calendar icon.

On the second blue bar you will see the either the 'Full Day' or 'Business Hours' button on the right of those three options. 

Click on the button to switch to 'Business Hours' to see the time frames you have set for your business. This example is in Week view. 

To see 'Full Day' hours click on 'Business hours' to switch over.  This will show 12am-11pm. Again, this example is in Week view.

NOTE: Times are listed on all views except "month" view on the calendar.

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