Please note that the following features are in Beta testing and are not yet available to all pros. Features in Beta testing are subject to change based on feedback we receive.

Estimate follow-up automations will automatically trigger a message to any existing estimate that have been sent/followed up with within the chosen time period and then all new sent and followed up on estimates.

The follow-up message will get sent as either an email or text to the same email address or phone number to which you originally sent the estimate.

Getting to Automation Settings

Turning on Automations

Editing Automations

Getting to Automation Settings

Go to Pipeline→ Settings to get to your Automation Setttings.

Turning on Automations

Toggle the button under Actions to the right of any automation to turn it On or Off.

Editing Automations

Click the Pencil icon to the right of any automation to edit it.

Editing the time period between messages:

  • Adjust the number text box to change the the number of days between messages.

Customize the content of the messaged by clicking CUSTOMIZE MESSAGES, editable content includes:

  • SMS message

  • Email subject

  • Email body (will always include the estimate details)

Make sure to click UPDATE and SAVE to save any changes to the message content and time frame.

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