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How to View Job Inbox Opportunities
How to View Job Inbox Opportunities

Learn how to view Job Inbox opportunities in your HCP Inbox.

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When a new partner job or lead is passed to you, you'll be able to view the job details within your Job Inbox channel in the Housecall Pro messaging feature.

1. Select the Inbox tab on the banner located at the top of your dash.

2. Navigate to the Job Inbox channel. You will see that each partner has its own individual channel within Job Inbox.

3. You can click into each individual partner channel to see all past and present jobs sent to you by that partner.

For example, this is what it will look like if you click into the HomeServe channel. You will see a list of all jobs you have received from HomeServe, descending in chronological order:

When you click into a job, you will see the corresponding job card with all the job details.

From the job card, you are able to click "Learn More" to see additional information, and "Get This Job" if you would like to accept.

This visual organization is the next step in the goal to make Job Inbox the easiest way to receive and manage your third-party opportunities.

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