Learn how to connect to QBO, import your data in Housecall Pro and how invoices and payments push over to Quickbooks.

When your data is imported from QBO to Housecall Pro, we will pull over:


All active and inactive customers

Sub-customers - one level of sub-customers only (Parent/Child)

All customers should be added in HCP and we will update QBO when an invoice is created and finished, paid or sent to the customer`

Products & Services 

All your services and materials setup in QBO will come over with descriptions and prices

Invoice History


Tax rates (setup tax rates in your HCP account)

Payments only

No sales receipts, credit memos or unapplied payments will pull over from QBO.

When you click the import button, the import will start immediately. The amount of time it takes, depends on the amount of data being imported in. You will receive an email when the import is complete. The import may time out or fail, if so, click the import button again until all of your data is imported. You may need to do this more than once. If you have any additional questions about the import process, please chat in and we can assist you.

How the integration works...

The integration is simple. When you finish a job, email an invoice or process a payment on an invoice it will update over in QBO. Everytime an update is made to an invoice QBO will be updated as well

To check the status of the invoice, scroll down to the QBO info card at the bottom of the job details screen. There you will find a link to the invoice in QBO, as well as a link to the payment processed, if applicable. If there are no links to QBO, there should be an error. Click on the error and it will give a detailed explanation on why we could not send the invoice to QBO. The error will need to be fixed before the invoice can be sent to QBO.

If you cannot find the invoice or payment in Quickbooks, DO NOT create the invoice or process any payment in Quickbooks. Please chat in for assistance.

How do payments go over to QBO?

All payment types cash, check, credit card and other payment types will push over to QBO into your undeposited funds.

All credit card transactions taken through HCP will auto-reconcile, when the deposit hits your bank account in 2 business days. All cash, check and other payment types will need to be manually reconciled.

Credit card transactions should not be moved out of undeposited funds. You will get an error on the invoice in HCP and we will not be able to auto-reconcile of the payment is moved. We will auto-reconcile to the first bank account listed in QBO. If you ever need to change to a different account, please chat in and let us know.

Payments are sent over in batches each day. For example, if you process 10 credit cards in one day. When those payments are deposited into your bank, in 2 business days. We will automatically match the payments on each of those invoices over in QBO. If a payment is moved out of undeposited funds before we auto-reconcile, you will have to manually match those invoices to the deposits and reconcile the credit card processing fees. Moving payment will create a lot of unnecessary work for you.

If you’re going to use a different credit card processor, that also updates QBO when you take payment. You should look into excluding duplicate payments in QBO. Many other users who use different credit card processors use this feature over in QBO.

Credit Card Processing Fee

We will create and automatically reconcile to a cost of goods account in QBO. We’ve worked with QBO Certified ProAdvisors to develop the best way to separate these fees so that it is easy to write the fees off each year as a business expense.


Credit card refunds will update in QBO. Cash and check refunds won't, you'll have to manually issue those refunds in QBO. If a refund is issued before the original payment taken, is deposited to your bank account, you’ll have to manually auto-reconcile the refund and the payments batched in that deposit.

QBO Errors 

Errors can be viewed by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner or on the QBO info card on the job details page. When you have an error on an invoice, read the description, fix the error and click reprocess. If you’re not sure how to fix the error, please chat in and we can help determine what actions need to be taken

Things to remember….

Anyone who has access to your QBO should watch this tutorial. 

If you’re ever in doubt about anything please chat in and get answers to your questions.

Any integration issues related to your Housecall account can be resolved by our engineering team. There may be QBO related issues, that will need to be addressed by QBO. We will always offer you the best course of action to take to get any issues resolved.

Quickbooks Online Customer Support 

QBO Customer support is an amazing resource for learning how to complete tasks such as, matching payments, creating journal entries, and manually reconciling payments over in QBO. If you're in need of QBO support, we highly recommend visiting Quickbooks online customer support. 

  • Simply click 'Help' in the upper right corner of your QBO Dashboard.
  • Type keywords in the search bar OR click 'Contact Us' to start a chat. 

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