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Vehicle GPS Tracking: Downgrade Process
Vehicle GPS Tracking: Downgrade Process

Learn more about cancelling or downgrading Force by Mojio Vehicle tracking devices.

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If you plan on changing your Vehicle Tracking Subscription, you will need to return any devices that you choose to cancel.

  • After downgrading, you will have 30 days from your subscription renewal date to return your devices.

  • If you choose to request your return labels early, you will have 30 days from your label request date.

  • Any devices not returned within 30 days will incur a $150 charge per device.

Here's how to downgrade and request your shipping label:

  1. Log into Housecall Pro and click on the settings icon on the top right corner. Then select Billing.

  2. Click Change Plan. Here is where you will add or remove Vehicle Tracking Devices:

    Click Next on this page:

    Adjust your number of devices here:

    Lastly, click Update Plan to confirm:

  3. Once you change your plan, Force by Mojio will be notified upon your next billing renewal. They will send you a pre-paid shipping label PDF.

    For example: If you cancel on June 1st, but your HCP renewal date is on June 15th, Force by Mojio will issue your return labels after June 15th.

  4. Force by Mojio will send a pre-paid shipping label to the email you have on file in your Force by Mojio account.

    By default, your Mojio account is created with the first admin email listed in your Housecall Pro employee list. If you don't see the email, double check which email address is in your Mojio account.

Want your return shipping label early?

If you would like to send the Force by Mojio Tracking Device back to Mojio earlier than your billing renewal date, you may request a Shipping Label within the Vehicle Tracking App Card.

REMINDER: If you request your label early, you will have 30 days to return each canceled device from your label request date.

If the device is not returned, there will be a one time fee of $150 per device.

Returning devices is simple: it'll be pre-filled out with your information and completely pre-paid!

Lose your device? Chat into the blue chat bubble for support.

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