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How to Accept and Complete a job through Job Inbox Partner: Hippo
How to Accept and Complete a job through Job Inbox Partner: Hippo

Learn how to complete the job flow for a new job from Hippo

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The goal of Job Inbox is to partner with third-party companies to source job opportunities and put them directly into your Housecall Pro Inbox. We want to bring you new work and new customers by partnering with a variety of third-party providers.

Hippo is in a pilot phase in Texas for HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Handyman trades. If you are interested in being in the running to receive these jobs, please reach out to:

Who is Hippo?

Hippo is a consumer-driven app, so you will have a direct relationship with the customer for estimates, scheduling, and payment, with no approval from Hippo necessary.

Hippo is a home insurance company that helps homeowners stay a step ahead of potential problems by suggesting non-urgent repairs that could prevent bigger issues in the future.

How it Works

  1. Admins, POC, and office staff will receive texts on their mobile phone alerting them about a new job in their area. You will have a limited amount of time to accept or decline the job. This ensures each pro has exclusive rights to the job.

    To learn more about the job details, click the link on the text, or you can head straight to your Housecall Pro Inbox > Job Inbox > Job Inbox channel.

  2. Upon viewing the job, you will have the option to either decline the job and pass it to another Pro, or learn more. By clicking "learn more," you are not accepting the job just yet, but gathering more information about the job details and customer info.

  • The timer counts down how much time you have to accept the job until it is passed on to another Pro to accept.

  • The estimated value is NOT the definite amount that the job will be. The estimated amount is loosely based on the type of industry. You will be paid for the work that is actually completed after diagnosis.

  • The customer availability is a suggested time. If you accept the job, the job will populate into your calendar. But, you must call the customer to confirm the time or change the date/time.

  • The not interested button will signify that you do not want the job, and then it will continue being passed to Pros based on service area and industry.

  • Get this job will direct you to the requirements from Hippo to accept a job.

  • Once you check the boxes, you will press accept job. Then the job is yours!

How to Complete the Job Once Accepted

Each Job Inbox opportunity has a checklist with instructions on how to complete the job. You will need to complete the checklist in order to collect payment from the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who pays me for a Hippo job?

A: The consumer will pay you directly. No need to go through Hippo for approval or payment.

Q: What happens if I decline a job?

A: No worries! Saying you're "not interested" in a particular job will not remove you from the pool or negatively impact your match rate.

Q: I have had negative experiences with third-party companies. How is this different?

A: We are constantly working to expand our offerings by bringing in a variety of partners and jobs, and making sure we are listening to your feedback. With Hippo in particular, the consumer is simply using the Hippo app to find you. Once you are in contact with the homeowner, it is business as usual with no approval from Hippo necessary!

Q: How much does this cost?

A: For this pilot, it's totally free! We're just looking to connect consumers with good Pros.

Q: Why was I picked for the job?

A: Each new job via Job Inbox will use a matching algorithm based on service area and industries listed in your price book. Partners do not access this information.

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