Here's how to set up your voicemail greeting so that your customers receive a personalized message before they leave a voicemail.

Default Voicemail

Your VoIP solution will have a default voicemail setup to start. You may update the voicemail greeting or leave it as the default, pre-recorded greeting. This voicemail greeting will be played after 30 seconds if the call is not answered. The caller will hear: "Thank you for calling. We are unable to take your call right now. At the tone, please record your message. When you've finished recording, you may hang up."

Update Voicemail

If you select Update voicemail, you will be prompted with a dialog to name your voicemail and attach the file.

If you click attach voicemail, you will be prompted to upload a voicemail greeting.

We only accept mp3 or wav audio file types. If you try to upload the incorrect file type, we will provide an error message and inform you to try again.

Once you have uploaded a file, you can click Save.

Now that you have uploaded your voicemail, you will be able to edit it through the Voicemail greeting page. Your uploaded voicemail greeting has replaced the default voicemail greeting.

Edit Voicemail

If you have a voicemail greeting uploaded, you may edit it through the edit button. This will allow you to:

  • Rename the voicemail greeting

  • Remove your attachment and upload a new audio file

  • Reset it to default

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