Main Business Line Call Flow

Your call flow allows you to forward calls based on your business hours to HCP or to an external number. If your call hours are toggled off, it means that all calls will go directly to your HCP business line and ring on your dialer. If you turn it on then we will use your business hours to determine when your business is open or close and where we should ring for incoming calls.

To configure your business hours, please go to Settings > Business Hours. For more information about your business hours, please reference this help article.

Once toggled on, we show your business hours and a link to access them and manage them in your Settings. You can customize your call routes by clicking Edit.

From there, you will be able to route calls to Housecall Pro web to have it ring on your dialer or to an external number. This is great to use if you want to ring a cell phone number or an answering service.

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