How are the appointments displayed on the mobile app?

How to get to a single appointment?

From a mobile user perspective, there's no change in the way to open an appointment, as instead of a list of jobs, you will see the list of appointments in all the places where you currently can see jobs.

What's changing - new information?

When a single appointment is opened (from any available place in the app, see above), a job details page is opened, presenting both information about the whole job and a new section is visible, that adds to those details information about this exact appointment date and time range and assigned employees.

What should I (as a field employee) do, in order to report on status of my work?

The assumption is, that the change in how to work with mobile before and after the introduction of appointments is almost unrecognisable. Therefore, getting to an appointment, sending OMW notifications, starting and finishing their work are done exactly the same way.

Below is the video presenting the mobile app, where an assigned field tech is using a standard flow of actions on a typical job (or actually an appointment):

The biggest change/difference, is when there is more than one appointment on a single job, and all others were already finished - in such case, after finishing an appointment, additional information is asked - whether the whole job should be finished or not.

Below is the video again presenting the mobile app, but this time it's the last appointment on a job:

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