Pricing Forms

Set dynamic pricing based on the size of the home or property

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Pricing forms are currently in beta and are not available to all Pros.

Pricing forms allow you to set dynamic pricing based on the size of the home or property. Create consistent pricing so you can move faster and price any sized job.

Pricing Forms

1. Navigate to your Price book

Based on your selected industry, you will see a template pricing form in your pricing forms section of Price book.

2. Automatically add to new jobs

This setting allows you to automatically add this pricing form as a line item to all new jobs. You will set the quantity for each item on the job.

3. Set you your pricing

Enter a price per bedroom, bathroom and square footage range. On the job you will enter the quantity for each of these prices resulting in the total line item price.

Pricing Forms on Jobs

1. Create a new job

If you have "automatically add to new jobs" on, the pricing form will be automatically added to the job.

If you do not have "automatically add to new jobs" on, add your pricing form by adding a new services item.

2. Select the size of the job based on bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage

3. Save job


Are pricing forms available on estimates?

Pricing forms will be available on estimates by the end of 2023.

Can I add additional services?

Yes, you can leverage Price book services and materials to add additional services, up charges, add on, etc to a job. For more information on setting up your services in Price book, visit this help article.

What pricing forms are currently available?

There are pricing forms available for home cleaning, carpet cleaning and window and exterior cleaning.

What do I do if I need to change the price from the job?

Any changes to the prices on the pricing form will need to be made directly in Price book.

Can I change the pricing forms on mobile?

No. Any edits to the prices on the pricing form will need to be made from web.

What if I don't price by everything listed on the pricing form?

Any prices can be left as $0 on the pricing form and will not impact the price of the job. There is not currently a way to remove any of the attributes listed on the pricing form.

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