• Click the '+' icon in the upper right corner of your dashboard
  • Select 'New Job'
  • The following steps can be completed in any order:


  • Choose existing customer - search using name, address, phone number, email address, etc. 
  • OR add new customer by clicking the icon in the upper right corner


Set your:

  • Job date
  • Start & finish time
  • Arrival window (if different from default)
  • Dispatch

'Notify customer':

  • this defaults to whatever the customer's notification settings are in their profile
  • Toggle ON (blue) means that the customer will receive the 'job scheduled' text and email once you finished creating the job and press 'Save'
  • Toggle OFF (grey) will not send any notification to the customer for this specific action
  • NOTE: This does not change the customer's notification settings for their profile, just this specific action


Services & Materials:

  • Click the green (+) icon to add 
  • Click the red (-) icon to remove
  • Click the line item to edit: name, description, price, or make the item taxable


  • Click the green (+) icon to add 
  • Click the red (-) icon to remove
  • Fixed amount discount - multiple can be added 
  • Percentage discount - only ONE can be applied


  • Taxable - Once you've made your line items taxable, you can apply tax by toggling this ON (green)
  • Select the tax rate from the drop down (or add a new one) 


  • To edit the message that appears on the bottom of the invoice, click the message area

Be sure to click 'Done' in the top right corner once you've finished! 

4.) TAGS

  • Add existing OR create new job tags 


  • These notes are for internal users only, meaning the customer will not be able to see
  • Simply type in any notes and click 'Save'

Once all the information is in, click [SAVE]!

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