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Targeting the Right Customers in Marketing

Learn how to utilize customer conditions to segment your customer lists and create effective marketing campaigns.

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*These feature are currently in Alpha testing and are not available to all Pros.*

Effectively targeting the right customers is crucial for the success of your email and SMS marketing campaigns. By reaching the appropriate audience with relevant and desired content, you increase engagement rates, improve conversion rates, and ensure a higher return on investment, all while minimizing spam complaints.

The "Right Customer" Starts with Express Consent
Express consent is a clear and deliberate agreement from an individual to receive specific communications, such as marketing emails or promotional texts. It requires a direct action, such as ticking a checkbox or signing a form, verbally confirming their willingness to be contacted.

Identifying the "right customer" for your marketing campaigns fundamentally begins with obtaining express consent. This initial step is crucial not only for compliance with regulations but also for establishing a foundation of trust and relevance. By securing this permission upfront, you target an audience that is more engaged and more likely to respond positively to your messages, thereby optimizing the impact of your campaigns and maintaining a respectful and ethical relationship with your customers.

Customer Conditions

Customer conditions are specific criteria that can be applied to target customers by filtering lists based on specific inputs. The conditions you can use include:

  • Customer Tag: You can apply tags to Customer Profiles to help categorize them based on certain characteristics or interactions. These tags can be used to segment your customers into different groups for targeted marketing campaigns and other functions within your Housecall Pro account.

  • Lead Source: Helps identify where your customers are coming from, allowing you to tailor messages based on the initial touchpoint (e.g., website, referral, social media).

  • Date Created: Refers to the date a customer profile was added to your system, useful for engaging new versus long-term customers differently.

  • Last Service Date: Useful for follow-up campaigns or reminders and targeting customers based on when they last used your services.
    Please note: We highly recommend that you do not send marketing communications to any customers you have not serviced within the last 1-2 years. To keep spam rates low, we do not allow messages to be sent to customers who not had an estimate, job, or invoice in the last 3 years.

  • Lifetime Value: Allows you to identify your most valuable customers over time and target them with special offers or loyalty rewards.

How to Apply Customer Conditions in Marketing Campaigns

  1. Access Customer Conditions:

    • Once you have selected a campaign type and refined your message content

    • Select the ‘Next’ button in the upper right-hand corner.

  2. Determine your Target Customer List:

    • At this time you can select a Target Customer List from a previous campaign or

    • Select 'New List' in the upper right-hand corner

    • Choose a name for your list that will help you easily identify the attributes of the customers; for example "High Value, Inactive Customers" or Google Ads-Residential Customers."

  3. Applying Filters to New Target Customer Lists

    In the 'CONDITIONS' section, use the filter options to apply the customer conditions. You can select from:

    • Customer Tag

    • Lead Source

    • Date Created

    • Last Service Date

    • Lifetime Value

    Combine multiple customer conditions to refine your target audience further. For instance, you might target customers tagged with "Residential" who also have "Google Local Services Ads" listed as their Lead Source.

Best Practices for Using Customer Conditions

  • Regularly Update Data: Ensure your customer data is up-to-date to maintain the accuracy of your segments.

  • Respect Privacy and Consent: Always adhere to privacy laws and regulations by managing customer data responsibly and ensuring you have consent for marketing communication.

  • Monitor Campaign Effectiveness: Refer to the Campaign Metrics to monitor and track the performance of targeted customer lists. Analyze the results to refine future strategies and achieve better outcomes.


Utilizing customer conditions in Housecall Pro’s Marketing Center enables you to tailor your marketing efforts effectively, ensuring that the right messages reach the right customers at the right time. By strategically segmenting your customer base using specific data points, you can enhance customer engagement, improve satisfaction, and ultimately drive greater business success.

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