Issuing a refund for your customer is quick and easy with Housecall Pro, whether it's a full refund or a partial amount. 

Once the refund has been issued, the payment status will reflect a balance due for the refunded amount. To balance the invoice you can apply a discount to the entire invoice or adjust the amount in the line items to reflect the amount of the refund.

If you are connected to Quickbooks DO NOT apply a discount. You must adjust the amount in a line item to reflect the amount refunded.

To zero out this balance and keep your records up-to-date, all you'll need to do is discount the original invoice amount to reflect the refund. 

To do this, click on the '+ DISCOUNT' button just below the invoice total. This will bring you to a window titled 'Discounts.' Click on the 'description' field to name the discount, then click the 'amount' field to enter the exact amount of the refund that was issued.

After the name and amount are correct hit the 'update' button in the bottom right. 

Now your invoice is updated and the payment status will show 'paid.'

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