You now have the ability to pick and choose which pieces of information will be seen on your invoices. To do this, go to the job details page and click the invoice icon.

Then click the gear icon along the top of the screen. 

This will open a new menu where you can toggle on and off individual items by clicking the button to the right. The system default to allow your customer to pay online if you have your bank account set up to do so. To turn this option off for a customer, toggle 'allow customer to pay online' setting off and click 'remember pay online option.' 

When everything is correct, click back onto the invoice to make the invoice settings window disappear and hit 'send invoice' in the top right. 

Note: This toggle is not clickable when choosing to send an invoice by text message. If choosing pay by text, then allow customer to pay online is required and will be toggled on.

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