Use credit card on file with Housecall Pro Payments to make your customers' payment experience easier than ever:

  • Your customers can securely save and store credit cards for future jobs
  • Seamlessly charge your customer's stored card when taking payment in the field
  • Streamline online payment by allowing customers to log in and pay with stored card

Turn on card on file

From the web portal

When sending an invoice, enable the setting "Customer can save card on file" under "Payment settings." If by default, you would always like your customers to have the option to save a card on file, make sure to check the box that that says "Remember pay online option"

From the app

When sending an invoice, enable the setting "Customer can save card on file" under "Payment settings."

What will my customers see?

Your customers will see a checkbox, with the option to save their card on file for faster payment in the future

They will create a password to manage their card. 

The next time they have an invoice to pay, they will be able to log in and pay with their saved card, instead of manually typing their card number.

Charge a card on file

From the app

When you click "Pay" from the job details page, you will see two additional options for card on file, as well as the standard payment options:

  1. Collect signature
  2. Send for sign off

If your customer is present, you can choose Collect signature, and your customer will be prompted to sign for the transaction. Their card on file will automatically be charged.

If your customer is not present, choose Send for sign off. Your customer will receive an email where they will be prompted to approve the charge, using their card on file.

From the web portal

In order to charge a card on file, your customer needs to be present to sign off on the job. However, if your customer has a card on file, you can send them an invoice by email or text, and they will be approve the charge.


Are there any additional fees for using card on file?

No. The rate for charging a card on file is the same standard rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

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