Once you've created a recurring service plan, you can attach this plan to your customer and send out an agreement.  

Step 1: Locate the correct customer and select +New service agreement

Step 2: Set up the details of this plan (start date, visits, billing options)

You will be able to select the plan from a dropdown of your existing plans  and set the following 

  1. Set start date for the agreement to begin. The end date will auto populate based off of the duration of the plan you have already set up. 
  2. Set tentative schedule dates for next service visits (we will automatically create a reminder task 2 weeks before to schedule next visit as it approaches 
  3. Select the billing options you want to offer for your customer. If you select 'My customer needs to pay for this agreement', your customer will be able to select how they want to pay based off of the payment options you set up for the plan will appear here. 

Step 3: Review your plan and send

Click Review and Send, or Next to view a preview of what your customer will see. Ensure all details are correct before sending this to your customer, then click save and send to send to your customer via email.  

You will be able to include a custom message in the email before sending off. 

Check out this article to learn What will my customer see when I send them an agreement?

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