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Add, Edit, or Delete Your Tax Rate
Add, Edit, or Delete Your Tax Rate

Learn how to add or edit an existing tax rate from Price Book.

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Note: Tax rates has moved from Company Settings for users that have access to Price Book.

Create a set of tax rates to apply to service items and invoices. You can add multiple tax rates that can be edited or deleted at any time. The tax rate description will be visible to your customers.

Once you've added your tax rate, you can apply it to a job invoice.

Add a tax rate

  1. Select the Price Book icon in the global navigation and then click the tax rate option in the left-hand bar.

2. Select "+ TAX RATE"

3. Enter a description and % rate to be applied to job invoices and click "SAVE".

Edit or Delete an existing Tax Rate

1. Follow the steps above to navigate to your tax rate.

2. Click the Edit button in the top right corner.

3. Edit the Tax Rate Description and/or Rate field and click Save when finished.

To delete a tax rate, click the "x" icon on the right-hand side and your rate will immediately be deleted.

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