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I'm Just Getting Started

Designed for beginners, follow this guide to get your account setup and start scheduling your jobs!

MAX Starter Kit

Work your way through this module one step at a time to get started with your new XL Plan.

What's New

Updates from Housecall Pro

Account Settings

Learn about your account settings, how to properly get your account setup


Answers to questions you may have about your Housecall Pro subscription and billing.

Import & Export your Data

Learn how to import and export your data into Housecall Pro

iOS Mobile App

Everything you need to take advantage of your mobile app for iPhone

Android Mobile App

How to use each of the mobile apps to effectively manage work while on the go.

Company Dashboard

The main view into your business. Each section, explained in depth here.


Here is where you'll find articles and how-to's for managing your customers.


Overview of your schedule, schedule settings and basic scheduling features.

Jobs, Estimates, Events, & Sales Proposals

All about creating, editing, sending and assigning jobs, estimates, events, and sales proposals.

Multi-Day Jobs Appointments

Learn how to use our voice features in our Voice solution.

Fleet Management

Learn how to use Vehicle GPS Tracking powered by Force Fleet Tracking

Service Plans

Create, maintain, send, and cancel recurring service plans otherwise known as Maintenance Plans, Planned Maintenance Programs, Care Clubs and Membership Plans.


Learn how to use Pipeline and Customer Intake.


How Payments, Credit Card processing, invoice payments, and payment terms all behave in Housecall Pro.

HCP Money

Reporting in Housecall Pro empowers you to build the reports you actually want, rather than having to settle for cookie cutter reports pre determined for you.

Price Book

Learn how to set up your Price Book for the services and materials that you provide

Price List

How to set up your price list for the services that you provide.


Adding, managing, removing, or assigning jobs to an employee of yours.


Notifications throughout the system, explained.


How to use tasks to keep track of day to day duties

App Store

Learn about the app store

Customer Portal

Learn about the tool for your customers to self-serve information on your history with them


Learn how to leverage your marketing tools from within Housecall Pro. We will share tips & tricks for how to drive repeat business and referrals.

Job Inbox

Get jobs, leads, and opportunities delivered right to your Housecall Pro inbox

QuickBooks Online

Get help with integrating Housecall Pro with QuickBooks Online.


Create and save Checklist Templates that you can add to jobs which must be completed by employees before they can mark a job as finished.

Website Builder

Housecall Pro is no longer offering new subscriptions to our legacy Website Builder Product. If you currently have a Website Builder site from Housecall Pro, your site will continue to be supported. You may use this help article to find helpful information and resources related to your Website Builder site. If you are interested in a new website, check out our brand new offering, Websites by Housecall Pro!

Websites add-on

Let our team of experts build a professional and integrated website for you that attracts and wins customers through engaging digital experiences

Google Calendar

Integrating Housecall Pro with Google Calendar.

Housecall Pro Training University

Training courses for those looking to get started with Housecall Pro or looking to optimize their most powerful tools!

HVAC Getting Started Guide

Designed specifically for Heating & Air Conditioning pros to get up and running with Housecall Pro quickly

Property Profile
Spanish - Español

Consulta nuestra colección de tutoriales en español.

Tech Support Tips

Tips and Tricks to help resolve any technical issues you may be having.

XL Advanced

In this series we are going to take things up a notch and introduce tips, tricks, and favorite strategies for fully utilizing your HCP account.

HCP Coach
Business Financing
HCP Assist

Your space to find answers to your questions for HCP Assist!

QuickBooks Online: Set Up
Housecall Pro Accounting
New Online Booking

Give customers a way to book jobs and estimates to your calendar from any device, 24/7


Pay your employees and contractors right through HCP Payroll

Twilio 10DLC Registration
Google Integrations

Google LSA and Reserve with Google

Conquer Coaching
AI Team

Introducing your custom AI Team. Bring on specialized expertise and assemble the support you need.