Downloading a new QWC file

How do I get a new web connector file?

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If you are looking for a new QWC file you have probably been running the QuickBooks Desktop integration for a while. If you are looking for help with the initial set up of the HCP and QuickBooks Desktop integration please click here.

What is a QWC file, and why do I need it for the integration?

Simply put, the QWC, or QuickBooks Web Connector file is the key to the entire integration between Housecall Pro and QuickBooks Desktop. It plays a critical part in allowing the two softwares to send information back and forth, and our connection to QuickBooks Desktop simply can not function with out it.

Why do I need a new one?

There are two circumstances under which you might need a new QWC file.

  1. The computer/server you were hosting you QuickBooks Desktop on crashed. You were able to salvage physical machine, but you lost data on your hard drive including your original QWC file.

  2. The same as #1, but instead of trying to fix your old computer/server, you got a new one.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL A NEW QWC UNLESS YOU MEET ONE OF THE ABOVE CRITERIA. Downloading multiple QWC files and updating your QuickBooks Desktop file from multiple computers may cause severe damage to your QuickBooks Desktop file. Housecall Pro will not be able to assist you if your QuickBooks Desktop file is damaged or corrupted due to the ongoing use of multiple QWC files. If you have any questions please click on the blue chat bubble in the lower right hand corner of your screen to speak to a Housecall Pro representative. Please only proceed if you are confident that you fit the criteria outlined above.

How to download the new file.

  1. Click on the “My apps” menu button. Then, the “QuickBooks Desktop” icon.

  2. Click the back arrow until seeing the “DOWNLOAD AUTHENTICATION”. You will need to click the back arrow multiple times.

  3. When you reach the Let's get started screen, click the on Download Authentication.

  4. Once the file has downloaded you can install your new web connector and resume syncing Housecall Pro information into QuickBooks Desktop. You will go through the same process re-installing your web connector as you did when you first set up your integration, simply click the next button, and follow in instructions in the video.

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