If you’re new to Housecall Pro Expense Cards, or are thinking about applying, you may be wondering how transactions integrate with QuickBooks Online. Using HCP’s API, we make recording your accounting information seamless and easy.

Getting started with Expense Cards

As soon as you complete your first deposit into Housecall Pro’s Expense Card, we will automatically create two new accounts in QuickBooks Online: one for recording any purchases with the Expense Cards and the other to show balance transfers.

Housecall Pro Balance

  • This account will correspond to any transfer fund activity in Housecall Pro. Whenever funds get refilled or added to your existing expense card, a line item will be added to this account in QuickBooks Online.

Housecall Pro Expense Card

  • This account will reflect any purchases made from any of your Expense Cards. Each transaction will be automatically reconciled in QuickBooks Online, so don’t forget to review your activity to make sure purchases are allocated appropriately while updating expense categories if needed.

Flow of funds with Expense Cards

Housecall Pro makes using additional funds easy, by reallocating customer payments into your Expense Cards balance. Since there is no need to transfer money from your bank account, funds deposited to your Expense Card account are available instantly. The steps below outline the path of funds through your QuickBooks Online chart of accounts.

  1. Credit Card Payments are received from customers after jobs are completed. For all credit card payments made through Housecall Pro, funds are held in Undeposited Funds until they are processed. Note: This step happens for any credit card payment, regardless of whether the Pro is using Expense Cards or not.

  2. You, the Pro, allow us to allocate funds to reimburse the Expense Card balance.

  3. Payments from Undeposited Funds in QuickBooks Online will be associated with one of three accounts.

    • First, QuickBooks Online will push any credit card processing fees into a separate COGS account. This step will happen automatically and regardless of whether additional funds were requested for an Expense Cards account or not.

    • Then, QuickBooks Online will associate some of your received payment from the undeposited funds with your Housecall Pro Balance account. You will see the available funds populate on the Expense Cards page in My Money, within Housecall Pro.

    • Any remaining amount will be added to your bank account.

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