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Updates to Navigation in Housecall Pro
Updates to Navigation in Housecall Pro

Learn about updates to menu navigation in Housecall Pro

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Housecall Pro's menu update is designed to make our application easier to navigate as new features are added. This article walks through all changes, including where items in the navigation have moved.

Menu Updates

  1. Menu icons have been removed from text labels for each section in the navigation. If you are on a MAX plan, your navigation bar will be white, while all other plans will have a black navigation bar.

My Apps

  1. My Apps is now moved from the main navigation to a grid icon on the right-hand side of your menu bar. This icon will remain visible - regardless of screen size.


  1. Settings can now be accessed from a gear icon on the right side of the navigation bar. This icon is also visible on all screen sizes, whether you're on a laptop or tablet.

Activity Feed, Help, and Tasks

  1. Activity Feed, Help, and Tasks can now be accessed by clicking on your profile icon.

New "More" Dropdown

  1. When using Housecall Pro on a laptop or tablet, some items in the navigation bar will be accessible by clicking on the More button. The number of items in this dropdown will vary based on your screen size.

Mobile Devices

  1. When viewing Housecall Pro Web on a mobile device, the main navigation items will appear under the left hamburger menu.

  2. The right icons will appear under your profile icon.

  3. The NEW button (jobs, estimates, customers, etc) will appear as a + button.

Price Book Settings

  1. There will no longer be a gear icon in the right corner of the Price Book for settings.

  2. Settings will now live under a left rail

  3. Click on Services or Materials to generate the settings dropdown.

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