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Connecting Housecall Pro and Podium
Connecting Housecall Pro and Podium

How to connect Housecall Pro to Podium and what the integration does.

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Podium is a marketing tool that allows you to communicate with your customers via text and keep it all in 1 inbox.

To connect the integration

If you don't already have a Podium account, you will have to set it up on that end.

When creating a Podium account, Podium will ask for your industry information so that they can tailor your dashboards to what’s best. From there, you can connect any review sites and as well as the integration with Housecall Pro.

To finish setting up the integration in Podium:

  1. Go to the gear icon in the top right corner

  2. Press the Review button on the left sidebar

  3. Connect Housecall Pro. From there, Podium will ask for authorization to your HCP account.

You are all set to use the integration!

*IMPORTANT: Make sure your desktop notifications are enabled. This way, you can see when a message comes in.

*IMPORTANT: Adjust your automated SMS messages in HCP so that the customer is not getting multiple messages from different numbers.

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