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Connecting Housecall Pro and RespondiBid
Connecting Housecall Pro and RespondiBid

How to connect Housecall Pro and ResponsiBid and what the integration does.

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You can connect your ResponsiBid account to Housecall Pro in order to automatically add scheduled bids to Housecall Pro.

You must have a ResponsiBid account in order to utilize this integration. During the connection process you can either connect to an existing account or create a new one. You can learn more about ResponsiBid and their pricing plans here

How to turn on the integration

From your Housecall Pro account, go to the ResponsiBid app

Choose 'CONNECT' in the upper right hand corner of the app page

Click 'CONNECT ACCOUNT'. This will take you to the ResponsiBid website. From there you can either login to an existing ResponsiBid account or create a new one.

Once you're logged into your ResponsiBid account, click the 'Settings' dropdown in the upper righthand corner and choose 'Connections'

On the Connections page, open up the Housecall Pro section and click 'Connect with Housecall Pro'.

You will then authorize access for ResponsiBid to access your Housecall Pro account (you may need to log into your Housecall Pro account first if you are not already logged in)

Once you're logged in, you'll be able to see the Housecall Pro connection is now open and the settings are available within ResponsiBid

You'll see on the Housecall Pro side that the app is enabled once you have created that connection from ResponsiBid

To learn more about how to use the ResponsiBid integration, click here

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