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Podium Integration Overview
Podium Integration Overview

Learn how the integration between Housecall and Podium works

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Podium is a marketing tool and interaction platform that funnels messages from all connected sites (facebook, instagram, google) into 1 inbox. This can make it easier for you to message leads, customers, get reviews/feedback, and communicate easily with your team members.

How the integration works

The integration syncs customers to Podium based on any current jobs and sends automated messages based on the Housecall Pro Job Flow.

Here is what that looks like:

In the Housecall Pro Job Flow:

Podium will send a customized automated message to the customer

Pro schedules a job in Housecall Pro

‘Job Scheduled Confirmation’

Pro hits ‘On My Way’ in Housecall Pro

‘Technician Dispatched’

Pro hits ‘Finish’ in Housecall Pro

'Job Completed/Review Invitation’

Podium handles communication for the entire Job Flow and once the job is finished in HCP, Podium automatically sends your customers a link to leave a review.

After the review is made, no matter the platform (google, facebook, instagram, messenger), they sync directly to your Podium inbox. This will allow you to continue the conversation, creating a strong new relationship with the customer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to turn off customer notifications in Housecall Pro, so that the customer does not recieve duplicate notificaitons.

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