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Broadly Integration Overview
Broadly Integration Overview

Learn how the integration between Housecall Pro and Broadly works.

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Broadly is a marketing tool that helps you get quality reviews and actively promotes your business on review platforms.

Broadly focuses on Home Service Professionals in the area of Life Time Marketing. This means providing meaningful customer experiences to keep the customer coming back.

How the integration works

When a New Completed Job (Moved from "Start" to "Finish Job") is triggered in Housecall Pro, this automates a review message from Broadly’s side. The information that is transferred over to Broadly includes the customer contact info as well as the tech who worked on the job.

How to initiate a feedback request

In order for Broadly to send a feedback request to a customer, the job must be finished on the Housecall Pro job portal.

From here, this customer's info will be uploaded to Broadly and you will be able to contact that customer at anytime from your Broadly inbox.

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