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Chiirp Integration Overview
Chiirp Integration Overview

Learn how the integration between Housecall Pro and Chiirp works.

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Chiirp is a communication automation software. Communicate more effectively with your leads and customers using SMS, email and Ringless Voicemail.

Chiirp focuses on creating the ability to blend automation and actual human interaction to create quality customer communication at scale.

When an event is triggered in Housecall Pro, this automates follow up communication from Chiirp's side. You can choose which customized campaigns to use for each Housecall Pro event.

Follow these steps to build and assign campaigns to Housecall endpoints.

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Builder tab in Chiirp to create and edit campaigns.

  2. Once you've created your automated campaigns, click on the Integrations tab, then click on Housecall Pro. You will then click the tab labeled Events.

  3. Click on each Housecall Pro Event to apply a campaign to it.

*IMPORTANT: Make sure to turn off customer notifications in Housecall Pro, so that the customer does not recieve duplicate notificaitons.

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