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CallRail Integration Overview
CallRail Integration Overview

Learn how the Integration between Housecall Pro and CallRail works.

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CallRail is a marketing and analytics software that helps you manage and track all your leads. It keeps track of your phone calls and recordings, and marketing campaigns.

Track your phone call conversations to provide a better customer experience. You can also track marketing campaigns to know which marketing ads, keywords, and campaigns bring valuable leads over the phone and on the web.

How it works:

  1. Make sure you’re on a Housecall Pro Essentials plan or above (formerly Grow)

  2. Sign up for a CallRail Account

  3. Start dialing and receiving calls

With the integration, CallRail has the ability to look up incoming phone calls to see if the person calling is already within your current HCP customer database. Once the phone call comes in, you'll know who's calling because your Housecall Pro customer database is synced with CallRail.

When a call from an active or returning customer comes in on CallRail, the notification will pop up on Housecall Pro and let you know who’s calling you. When you click on the notification, you’ll be brought to that customer profile. You will be able to see what jobs you’ve done for this customer. Because of this, you might already have an idea of what they are calling about and can better understand their issue.

To learn more, check out CallRail's website for trial information and to speak to one of their representatives.

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